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Win or lose, it’s the school we choose

9 Feb

I just got home from the Mall of Asia arena. And I’m starting to think that it’s a very unlucky place for me because the first time I got there was when I watched the UP vs. UST last September and I was rooting for UP and guess what. They lost. But hey, at least I got to see my fave UAAP basketball team.


And then just a couple of hours earlier, I went there to watch the DLSU-ADMU volleyball team with my Lasallian friend, Nadine. And the Lady Eagles lost. Ugh. But it’s alright. They’re still awesome.


Nadine made me hold this. I’m adorable, I know. (Kapal face) Hahaha!


And then my parents gave me this just moments earlier.

DSC_2813 DSC_2815

They said that they found it at a counter at the new house we’re buying/renting. My mom was so weirded out by it because we visited it multiple times before and never saw it. And then earlier today, she said it was the first thing she noticed upon entering the house. Freaky. I like to think its fate. Hahaha!

All the photos are taken by my cellphone except the one of the UP Fighting Maroons so the quality isn’t so excellent.


Dream School

8 Feb


I received this envelope exactly a week ago. I’ve been expecting it since January 12th so it felt absolutely amazing when I actually got my hands on it. I still remember it like it was yesterday. Hans, our class president, handed it to me on dismissal time and I screamed bloody murder the moment my eyes landed on it. My classmates were almost as ecstatic as I am. They’re incredibly supportive. They actually found out about the ACET results before me. I was surprised to see my phone beeping with congratulatory texts moments after I found out about the dreaded results. Thank you guys! Anyways, I can’t wait for college.

Thank you God for granting me this wonderful, amazing, fantastic blessing.