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6 Apr

Hi! I’m an official high school graduate now! Yay!

Actually, I graduated on March 19. But let’s pretend it was yesterday.

I can’t believe that my four years at high school are over. I really can’t. Even though the months leading up to the special day, my friends and I would talk about how excited we were to go to college. What we would do, the orgs we’ll join, the people we’ll meet. Then, suddenly it’s happening. It’s surreal. To be honest, the moment I was handed my diploma I did not feel anything. I’ve always imagined a feeling of elation or at least relief would come over but I waited and there wasn’t.

The feeling that did come over me was sadness. Because I wouldn’t see my friends who stuck by me regularly. Especially because we were moving to Quezon City just a few days later. When it was announced that we are the batch of 2013 blah blah blah. We ran towards our friends and hugged. And then I cried. Prior to senior year, I know thought that I was not gonna cry but just a few hours before the grad ceremony I knew that wasn’t happening.

This picture describes it. If you can’t tell, that’s me getting hugged by a guy in the middle.


Then, it’s college and starting over again. Until then, happy summer, everyone!